Time management tips for busy people

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Do you struggle with managing your time? The BBC reported that Britain’s workers were less productive than others – but you don’t have to be one of them!

Here’s a list of 25 time management tips to help you.

  1. Interruption will happen, factor in time into your day for they happen.
  2. Plan today’s tomorrow’s tasks the night before.
  3. Decide and plan the important telephone calls you need to make in advance. Outline what you want to cover.
  4. Turn your mobile and other tech off.
  5. Decide which interruptions must be dealt with there and then and those that can wait.
  6. Make a daily to-do list and begin with the most important task on it for that day. Google Tasks in their calendar is pretty neat.
  7. Be careful with your time – refuse opportunities that will waste your time.
  8. Make sure you take a break and rest.
  9. Give yourself time off in other ways – treat yourself.
  10. Everyone deserves time off. Take a holiday or long weekend.
  11. You don’t have to do it all. Delegate or give yourself extra time.
  12. Time box everything you do. Every task should have a time estimate associated with it.
  13. Don’t schedule tasks to be back to back. Separate similar tasks with something different. Add variety.
  14. Separate personal and professional tasks. Keep them in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly buckets.
  15. Review your to-do list regularly and cut out anything that is no longer important.
  16. Don’t over-complicate things. No need for complex systems.
  17. Avoid procrastination.
  18. Group similar tasks at home together and get them done together.
  19. Repeat the above but in the office.
  20. Use calendar both at home and the office.
  21. Observe the time wasted by others and don’t let yourself waste time on the same things.
  22. Understand that not everything is as important as you think it is.
  23. Keep ahead of your schedule, not behind. You’ll feel proud when you finish your to-do list ahead of time.
  24. Delegate to others where you can to get more done.
  25. Don’t let your email inbox rule you.

We hope you found this list useful. Look out for more posts coming soon on the Media 21 blog. For further reading, this article links to a study on how time management can affect college student grades. Get in touch with us if you have ideas for content you’d like us to cover.

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